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Postby Jim_VE3NWN » Thu Mar 19, 2015 4:36 pm

I think it is a great idea for all CW Academy folks to introduce themselves & share a little. Good way to encourage & motivate others.
So to start: I'm Jim, VE3NWN, qth southern Ontario, approx 100mi east of Toronto. You have heard of Toronto haven't you, hi, hi. Licensed in 1983. Love CW but struggle with it and progressed very little with copy speed over the years. Have decided to do something about that. Last fall I did CW Academy Level 1; this past winter did Level 2; am signed up for Level 3 course in fall 2015.
Trying to do some practice every day using these resources: (vry gud and flexible)
-CW Academy (also vry gud)
-Now, this website put together by N3HEE (grt site)
-On Air for 'real' practice.
CW is cool and very exclusive. The vast majority of folks, and the vast majority of hams just are not into it.
Oh, I also am into QRP. Recently purchased a Wilderness Sierra. Have a Heathkit HW-8. Have a OHR 30M qrp rig that I built. Have a YouKit's HB-1B.
73 all

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