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Keys for Sale

Postby admin » Thu Jul 09, 2015 2:07 pm


I will be offering my Brick straight key mounted on a massive 3+ pound brass base for an introductory price of $125 plus shipping. This key features high quality machined brass base with 6061 aircraft aluminum lever arm assembly and key parts with brass thumb screw adjustments, high precision stainless steel ball bearing races for the trunnion mechanism and a stainless steel contact. Separate adjustments for contact gap, tension and lever arm angle. Silky smooth and stable operation.

I will be offering my Swipe-O-Matic multi-mode cootie key mounted on massive 2+ pound base for an introductory price of $115 plus shipping. This key can be used as a cootie, straight key, single lever paddle or a bug. Electronic keyer required for paddle and bug operation. The lever arm is made from a high quality hack saw blade with adjustable length to control tension and feel. The lever support and contact supports are 6061 aircraft aluminum with brass thumb screws for contact gap adjustment.

I am still working on offering a kit but need to work through some automation processes to make them affordable.

Please contact me via email (galicic at comcast dot net) to place an order.


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