Morse Code - "Head Copy" Trainer

This trainer was designed to help people become more proficient with Morse code. It assumes you already have a basic knowledge of Morse code. There are no typing, visual feedback or scoring mechanisms on this trainer for a reason. It was simply designed to allow you to copy Morse code in your head. By doing so you will become a better and more proficient operator. Spend some time each day with the modules below. No keyboards, pencils or paper allowed. Use your head and just listen to the code. That's how you learn to copy Morse code in your head !

Sending Practice - QBF

The QBF (The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dogs Back) was invented as a training tool by my Morse code mentor Jack Ritter (W0UCE). It contains every letter of the alphabet. Practice sending the QBF exactly like you here it below. This module builds quality sending skills. 15 WPM.

Select Speed (10-35 WPM): 10WPM

Random Letters & Numbers

This module builds character recognition and memory building skills. Chose between letters and numbers, letters only or input your own characters. Character groups will play continuously once started.

Select Speed: 15WPM

Select Number of Characters: 1 Characters

Select Delay: 2 Seconds

Common Words

Listen to and learn the 100 most common words. They are repeated three times each. This module builds your Morse code vocabulary and memory skills with the repetition of easy common words.


Child’s Play

Listen to familiar children’s stories. This module provides lots of easy word repetition and is fun to listen to.

Select a story: Speed:

QSO Simulator

Getting on the air is by far the quickest and best way to become a more proficient operator. Listen to and become familiar with basic QSO phrases. This module will prepare you to get on the air and practice what you have learned.

Select a phrase: Speed:

Contest Simulator

This code is the format of the weekly CWT contest. Using a contest logger such as N1MM see how many call signs, names and numbers you can copy. This module will prepare you for participation in the weekly CWT contest. Try for 25 to 30 WPM !


The Head Copy Trainer was designed by N3HEE using morseSynth.
If it wasn't for Dit there would be no Dah !